Under the auspices of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Lindamar Industries manufactures custom polyethylene bags, plastic lidding film and plastic packaging and liners in a variety of styles (illustrated below) for the produce and agriculture, medical, bakery, and other consumer industries. We manufacture custom orders for medical non-clean room poly bags, plastic FDA grade liners, agricultural films, FDA grade bakery and produce bags, and more. All Lindamar orders can be manufactured in a wide range of styles (gusseted, side weld, bottom sealed, etc.) and gauges, and can be ordered in any color, plain, printed, or embossed. Check our Product Offerings for currently available Lindamar polyethylene products and plastic bags.

Sample Products:

Produce Packaging – Printed retail and bulk vegetable and citrus bags, high density and low density polyethylenes

Lidding Films – Printed, laser perforated, scribed, re-sealable and peelable, for all types of trays  (APET, RPET, PVC, CPET and PP)  

Agricultural Films – mulch films, high density and low density polyethylenes

Food Grade Lining – box and bin linings for fresh and processed foods, special venting applications, high density and low density polyethylenes

Bakery Bags – bread, muffin, bun, roll, bagel, and tortilla bags

Merchandise Bags – custom printed high and low density merchandise bags, embossing and die cut handles

Ice Bags – stock and custom design: all sizes, sideweld, EVA-on or EVA-off wickets

Custom Packaging – retail and industrial packaging, custom film colors, low, linear low and high density bags, two-sided printing, sideweld and bottom sealed bags, side gussets, bottom gussets, lips and reverse lips, registered holes and venting, smooth and embossed bags, wickets and headers